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New to Sports Betting?

You’ve come to the right place. 

First off, you need to have a “Unit”. A standard unit is 5% of your gambling bankroll (But we think it should just be whatever you’re comfortable with). In order to try and make money at sports betting YOU NEED TO STICK TO THE UNITS. Depending on how confident we are in a bet is how many units we put on it. Bets we are confident in can be anywhere from 1-3 units (Even sometimes 5), while bets we aren’t so confident in but see value in are normally 1 unit bets. There are people out there that will tell you something is a 100 unit play... Don't listen to these people (That's 500% of your gambling bankroll, does that make sense?)

Second, every single bet has odds. These odds tell you how likely a certain outcome is in any game. Usually, odds are decided by outcomes that Sportsbook, casino, etc. (the bad guys) believe will happen. If a bet has a minus sign ( – ), it means it’s more likely to happen, or favorited. If a bet has a plus sign (+), then that’s the “underdog.” 

Here’s an example. A bet may say that odds are -115. This means that if you were to bet $115, you win $100, because it is favorited. If a bet says +140, that means if you bet $100, you win $140 because you bet on the side not expected to win. These odds are constantly changing, so if one person gets a bet at +105, the next minute another person could get the same bet at +135. It’s a lot at first, but it’s actually pretty simple.

First, you need to understand that you can bet on anything… and I mean anything. Croatian pickle ball? Done. Japanese Politics? Absolutely. Some of us bet casually and some of us bet aggressively, but if you’re a Fella you’re always winning. We bet for the fun. To make a shitty Thursday night football game just a little bit more exciting. To prove to ourselves that we can outsmart the system. And most of all, to win money.

Why bet?

How do I bet?

Before you do anything, make sure you’re in a legal sports betting state. Legal Sports Report has an interactive map that details the law in each state. If you’re in a legal betting state and you’re a legal adult, congrats! From here, betting is pretty simple. While it’s the most fun to go into an actual casino with a Sportsbook, most of us Fellas like to do our betting anywhere, anytime. To bet from your phone, download any Sportsbook app (there are tons). It’ll ask you some simple verification questions, so be ready to prove you’re 21+ with a form of valid ID. Everyone has their favorite Sportsbook, so explore around and find the best one for your betting wants.

Why pay hey fellas?

Great question. As simple as betting is, it’s very difficult to be good at. Some of the best “handicappers” (people with a lot of followers who follow their bets) are right about 55% of the time. To put this in perspective, around 52% is breaking even and roughly 55% is estimated to be about 2 times your money annually. If you see someone claim to be over 60% annually, then they either had one of the greatest years of all time, or they’re lying. hey fellas is here to get you the percentage you need to profit (we average roughly 55.8%). Don’t be fooled into paying ridiculous fees for “70%” picks. Affordable picks is the name of the game.

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