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Apr 06, 2021
In General Sports
It’s no secret that the city of Washington has had a successful past couple of years within their sports teams, including a Stanely Cup Championship from the Capitals in 2018, followed by a World Series Championship from the Nationals and a WNBA Championship from the Mystics, both in 2019. However, the newly-rebranded Washington Football Team (and the Wizards, but don’t get me started on them) lag behind the rest. In 2018, the Washington Redskins drafted hometown boy-turned Big Ten superstar QB, Dwayne Haskins. After coming off of years of paying off RGIII and the Kirk Cousins drama, I was looking forward to seeing Haskins become the franchise quarterback everyone thought he would be. Fast forward to today, it is batshit that so many of us saw a future in him with Washington. Will he succeed elsewhere (cough cough, when Big Ben finally goes down and can’t get back up), maybe. But was that success ever going to come in Washington? No. Effing. Way. Outside of his issues respecting the fact that it was, and still is, a GLOBAL PANDEMIC, Haskins’ on the field performances never lived up to the expectations fans and beat reporters had for him. Ryan Fitzpatrick was the best, attainable QB left in the pool to match Washington’s needs - and they went for it. Since the departure of President Bruce Allen, clear changes have come to both the Football and Business Operations in Ashburn. Personal opinion - it was a shit show down there that made me embarrassed to be a fan (racist, controversial name aside, of course). Fitzpatrick is the perfect fit for this team because of his versatility and experience. I mean, dude has played for like nine NFL teams at this point. If I were his kid, I’d be pretty fucking sick of moving around at this point - but, I am not his kid, therefore, I cannot wait to see him take the field alongside newly signed WR Curtis Samuel, Scary Terry (did you know he and Samuel were roommates?!) and Gibson. Signing Fitzpatrick also reinforces the idea of developing these athletes into franchise players. Personally, I think the door is wide open for Taylor Heinicke to one day take the reigns of this team. But, for now, he learns from one of the best to do it: Fitzpatrick (and if I were Ron Rivera, I would be bringing Alex Smith onto my quarterback coaching team ASAP). His style and range of play will not only set Washington up for s successful 2021 season, but for years to come.


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